Welli Bins

The first true plant-based bin that’s sustainable, washable and portable


Why Welli Bins

Welli Bins™ are the most sustainable bins ever made thanks to our unique, plant-based foam and factory molding process.  Fossil fuels are the industry standard in foam manufacturing.


Our foam is different - made from a blend of sugarcane with strands of cellulose from leaves and tree bark folded in to create a tear-resistant structure. To further reduce waste, excess foam produced during manufacturing is recycled and reused.



Made from sugarcane, tree bark and other renewable biomass.



Our flexible yet tear-resistant material keeps your stuff safe in transit.



Resistant to water, household chemicals and UV rays.


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More tear resistant than rubber and built to last a lifetime.

Welli Bins
In Action

Our customers don’t fit in a box. They are moms and dads with kids jumping in muddy puddles, single guys who love cats, musicians with too many cords in their Brooklyn studios and yoga loving city dwellers who often workout at home.


Pet toys, free weights, wet pool toys and dirty sneakers all get equal treatment in a Welli Bin™. Organizing and compartmentalizing can be good for the soul, now it’s good for the planet too with our environmentally friendly, washable containers. What’s in your bin?™

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